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Residential & Commercial - Specify AquaLiv in your next project

Homebuilders specifying AquaLiv Systems in their developments differentiate their product from the masses. The consumer desire generated far exceeds the contract cost of the AquaLiv System. AquaLiv is also a green choice as it doesn't waste water like reverse osmosis (RO) systems. Better taste. Zero waste. Continuous flow. That's AquaLiv. Because AquaLiv can power that standard kitchen faucet, dedicated faucets are not required thus preserving the standard kitchen look.

Offices want to reduce bottled water expenses and waste. Lunchrooms and coffee stations fitted with AquaLiv Systems offer a premium perk for employees while eliminating bottled water waste and impact. Reverse osmosis systems waste water, require specialized maintenance with contracts, have a higher annual operating cost, and often run out of water. AquaLiv Systems can be maintained by regular facilities staff, waste no water, and never run out of water. AquaLiv is a clear winner for facilities.

Trade Program

We offer trade discounts to architects, interior designers, and qualified design professionals. A tax identification number or resale certificate is required to obtain trade pricing.

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