Naturally alkaline water and artificially alkaline water may both have the same alkaline pH measurement. However, the underlying chemistry is very different.

Naturally alkaline water has a pH that perfectly corresponds to its mineral content. It's the alkaline minerals in the water that create the naturally alkaline pH.

The machines that create artificially alkaline water use electricity to split apart water molecules into the ions that affect pH. This water has a pH that doesn't correspond to the minerals in the water and it can't be found anywhere in nature.

In the case of AquaLiv, we don't remove any minerals and trace minerals present in water and we add elemental magnesium to create a natural pH boost. The water flows over a bed of minerals and absorbs some of those minerals. This mirrors water in nature flowing over rocks and absorbing minerals. The pH of AquaLiv Water perfectly corresponds to its mineral content just like mountain spring water.

Naturally alkaline water is the perfect daily drinking water and has no side effects. Artificially alkaline water is not recommended for daily use and should be taken with caution. The most common side effects of consuming artificially alkaline water are nervous tension, over-alkalization of the digestive system, and compromised immune function.

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