Water ionizers create artificially alkaline water; the type with side effects. The chemical composition of the water produced by water ionizers differs from alkaline water found in nature.

Alkaline water ionizers utilize a process called electrolysis to split apart water molecules with electricity and artificially create a new type of alkaline water.

AquaLiv makes water naturally alkaline with minerals, just like nature does. Perfectly natural. Zero side effects.

The AquaLiv System differs from water ionizers in other ways too:

  • AquaLiv requires no electricity to operate

  • AquaLiv doesn't have electrodes (plates) that leach metals into the water

  • AquaLiv requires no countertop space or unsightly tubes connected to the water spout and going into the sink

  • AquaLiv has superior purification performance using several pounds more purification media in its filters

  • AquaLiv cost much less than many popular ionizers and has a lower annual operating cost

  • AquaLiv Systems are easier to maintain than water ionizers

  • AquaLiv Water maintains its alkaline pH over time. The pH of artificially alkaline water declines with time

If you've been using a water ionizer, you're going to love AquaLiv.

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