The AquaLiv System uses water pressure to power a special type of vortical flow through the system. This type of flow causes water to be structured (a specific arrangement of water molecules adjoining hydrophilic elements). When the water has been conditioned in this way it has the ability to absorb radiant energy and become energized.

Our Process

After the water is purified it flows through the first stage of vortexing comprised of 42 inches of vortex water travel. Two gallons of structured water then fill the Revitalizer (black tank) which was designed to channel radiant energy into the water. It charges water constantly to ensure your drinking water is both structured and energized. After the water is charged and when you turn on the faucet, the energized structured water is then vortexed again with 42 inches of vortex water travel.

The result is the finest purified, alkaline, energized structured drinking water available today.

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